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    1. Buckland Lake : Buckland Lake offers sweet water diving with an Aircraft, Railway locomotives and several other objects.
    2. Cornwall : Cornwall is known as the United Kingdom's prime wreck diving county with popular wreck dives such as the Volnay and City of Westminster.
      1. Caroni Rivers : The wreck Caroni Rivers is another vessel that sank because of a mine and had to be dynamited because of shipping hazards.
      2. Castle Beach U-Boat :
      3. East Narrows : The East Narrows offers diving along a 15m steep wall inside a deep channel seprating St Mawes and St Anthony's Head.
      4. Epsilon :
      5. Old Wall : Old Wall is a great reef with plenty of kelp and marine life familiar for Cornwall's waters.
      6. Port Gaverne : Port Gaverne is a shallow spot with an interesting gully that is reached after a long surface swim.
      7. Rock Island Bridge : Rock Island Bridge is the name of a cargo vessel, nowadays not intact anymore and surrounded in marine life.
      8. S.S. Mohegan : The S.S. Mohegan is one of England's most famous scuba diving wrecks, a wicked dive with a lot of historic facts.
      9. S.S. N.G. Peterson : The Danisch vessel the N.G Petersen is a great wreck that used to transported iron ore.
      10. S.S. Sphene : The SS Sphene near Port Isaac has been on the ocean floor since 1946 resulting in excellent anemone coverage and fishlife.
      11. Stanwood : The steamship Stanwood makes a great and shallow backup dive when the seas are rough.
      12. Steps, Pendennis Point, U-Boats : The Steps at Pendennis Point offers diving at 5 German U-Boats that were captured during WWI and survived Allied training practises.
      13. Volnay : The trading vessel SS Volnay transported anything between America and Europe from butter to cigarettes.
    3. Cumbria :
      1. Devil's Bridge :
    4. Dorset : Swanage Bay with its dive sites Swanage Pier and the Kyarra make diving in Dorset spectacular.
      1. Aeolian Sky : While diving at the collapsed wreck the Aeolian Sky you will find plenty of holds to explore.
      2. Aparima :
      3. Avanti : The Avanti is one of the Danish wrecks found in Dorset.
      4. Betsy Anna, Ashington : The Betsy Anna or Ashington, located in Poole Bay, is a great wreck dive.
      5. Borgny : Dive site the Borgny provides for some excellent scuba diving on a wreck of about 70 meter long.
      6. Carantan : The Carantan was a French submarine chaser that sank during WWII.
      7. Clan Macvey : The Clan Macvey, often shortened the Clan, is a huge British steamship in shallow waters.
      8. Firth Fisher : The Firth Fisher or Castle Reagh is a deep wreck next to the Kyarra and therefore not much dived.
      9. Fleur de Lys :
      10. Kyarra : The 126 meter long Kyarra is a great wreck dive with sightings of ribs, boilers and plenty of places to enter the cargo-passenger liner.
      11. Venezuela : The Venezuela is a deep wreck dive on a vessel which has been struck by German torpedoes.
      1. Plymouth :
        1. Eddystone Reef : Eddystone Reef and Lighthouse is scuba diving around a few treacherous rocks at 15km offshore Plymouth.
        2. James Egan Layne :
      2. Vobster Quay :
        1. Crushing Works : The Crushing Works is a metal framework offering plenty of attractions for novice and more experienced divers.
        2. Hawker Siddley HS-748 Aircraft : The waters of Vobster Quay also house a medium-sized turboprop Hawker Siddley HS-748 airliner.
        3. Jacquin II : The 15 meter long Jacquin II is a great wooden wreck in Vobster Quay with excellent access possibilities.
        4. Pump Works & Block Houses : The old quarry Pump Works and the 2m square concrete Block House are fun to explore.
        5. Stone Delivery Tunnel : The Stone Delivery Tunnel is a great and dark swimthrough suitable for those with advanced overhead environment training.
        6. Wheel House : Dive site the Wheel House is an interesting metal structure often used for novice or refreshment courses.
      3. Wraysbury Lake : Wraysbury Lake is a great training dive site with several underwater attractions.
      1. Anglesey : Anglesey is in good weather considered as one of the best wreck diving in the United Kingdom.
        1. Pembrokeshire : Pembrokeshire is known for its hundreds of shipwrecks, its fantastic cliffs and bird species and many colonies of seals.
          1. Adamantios J Pithis, Greek : It is not officially clarified whether the Adamantios J Pithis Wreck is indeed the same wreck as the Greek.
          2. Alice Williams : After wreckage in a huge storm, the Alice Williams drifted towards Skokholm Island on its own, losing all its cargo of coal and wood.
          3. Behar Wreck : Wrecksite the Behar used to lay cables but on board you could find Harley's and several defensive guns.
          4. Charles Holmes : The old wreck Charles Holmes sank after hitting a submerged rock and supposedly still has a chest of gold waiting on the ocean floor.
          5. Dakotian Wreck : The Dakotian is a huge cargo vessel that sank because of a mine at the beginning of World War II.
          6. Dead Eye Wreck : Dead Eye Wreck is a shallow shipwreck that maked for a great second dive site after the more famous Lucy.
          7. Drina Wreck : The Drina is a very deep and interesting wreck dive located just south of Skokholm.
          8. Faraday Wreck : The dive site Faraday is found under the cliffs at Hoopers Point.
          9. HMS Whirlwind : The HMS Whirlwind lies in a missile target area so check before diving here.
          10. Iotonia Wreck : The Iotonia is one of the dive wrecks from World War I with blennies, cuttle ish and conger eels.
          11. Landing Crafts LCG15 & LCG16 : A huge storm was the reason that the two landing crafts LCG15 and LCG16 sank in April 1943 offshore Pembrokeshire.
          12. Loch Shiel, Whiskey Wreck : Loch Shiel or Whiskey Wreck is known for its tale of 100's of bottles of whiskey that have been missing up to today.
          13. Lucy Wreck : The Lucy is one of the most popular wreck dives in Jack Sound.
          14. Mews Stone : While diving at dive site Mews Stone you can find lobsters, ross corals and red and yellow dead mans fingers.
          15. Molesey Wreck : On the southeast side of Midland Island lies the Molesey Wreck in waters less than 10 meters deep and some surge.
          16. Nicola Virginia : The Nicola Virginia is a great wreck dive with boilers and crankshaft to explore.
          17. North Wall : North Wall offers stunning wall diving and named after the steepest wall on the northeastern side of Skomer Island.
          18. Pain's Rock : Crayfish, congers and dead mans fingers can be found on the pinnacle dive site Pain's Rock.
          19. Rye Rocks : Dive site Rye Rocks offers great diving with seals and the bow mast of the famous wreck the Lucy.
          20. Slate Wreck : The recently discovered Slate Wreck is highly broken up with plenty of scraps of metal to admire.
          21. Thomas Vaughan : The wreck Thomas Vaughan is well covered in marine life and has two unidentified wrecks on top of her.
          22. Thor : Wreck dive site the Thor sank in WWII and lies upside down on muddy grounds.
          23. Wellington Bomber : A nice Wellington Bomber from WWII makes for a great diving site just ourside St Brides Bay.
          24. Wick : At the Wick you can dive on sheer walls, overhangs, swimmthroughs and several caverns.
                            1. Burra Sound :
                              1. Blockship Tabarka : The Blockship Tabarka is scuba diving in history on one of WWII's most remarkable wreck sites.