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Information about many dive sites which have been listed but which have not been activated.

We have many dive sites listed in our database, but for some we don't have any information yet. We would appreciate any help so email us your text (don't forget to mention to which dive site it belongs) if you have been diving at the spots below and would like to write about it. You can also add a new dive site if your dive spot isn't listed at our website yet.


Blue Lagoon, Brighton, Alaunia, Bognor Rocks, Brighton Pier, Duchess, Duke, Fortuna, Gascony, Horsea Island, Littlehampton, Moldavia, Outer Mulberrys, Selsey Lifeboat Pier, Sovereign Shoals, SS Seaford, War Helmet, Capenwray Quarry, Alice Marie, Babbacombe Bay, Brixham Reef, Bucks, Budleigh Salterton, Carmarthan, Chynhallis Reef, Citrine, City of Ghent, City of Westminster Wreck, Conqueror, Coronation, Drawna Rocks, Fairy Cove, Galicia, Helford River, Helopes, Hera, Hera Wreck, HMS Montagu, HMS Scylla, Ibis, Heidrun, Illston, JR Parks, Kintuck, Landing Cove, Lincoln, Logan Gully, Low Lee Ledges & Primrose, Mulberry Dock, Newlands Reef, Padstow & Bude, Peterson, Ponus Wreck, Robert, Runnel Stone, St. Chamond, Underwood, Vase, Veritas, Warspite, Watcombe Caves, Whelps Reef, Wolf Rock, Zone, Bombardon Unit Landing Craft, Countess of Erne, Dredger Unidentified, Hood, Kimmeridge Bay, Lulworth Cove, M2, Spaniard, Swanage Mussel Beds, Swanage Pier, Eccleston Delph Quarry, Eight Acre Lake, Gildenburgh Water, Holborough Lake, Littleton Pit, Northeast, Beadnell Point, Cadmus Wreck, Howick Beach, Pandora, St Mary's Island, Barn Pool, Bovisand Fort, Breakwater Fort, Cannon Ball Alley, Elk Wreck, Glen Strathallen, Jenny Cliff Bay, Le Poulmic, Mewstone Ridges, Persier, Pier Cellars, Plymouth Breakwater, Shag Rock, Tinker's Shoal, Rez, Stoney Cove, Swithland Quarry, Cars & Trucks, Luv Shack, More in Vobster Quay, Training Platforms


Derbent Wreck, Holyhead Marina, Maen Piscar, Missourri Wreck, Puffin Sound Drift, Royal Charter, SS Dakota, SS Havso wreck, Steamship Cork, Trearddur Bay, Ynys-y-Moch, Dorothea, Amazonense Wreck, Balholm Wreck, Baron Ardrossan, Bell Rock, Big Prop, Burry, Calburga, Calberga, Cambro the Smalls, Caroline, Clapham, Colemere, Collier, Colonian, Count D'Aspremont, Crow Rock, Dalserf Wreck Grassholm, Dan Beard, Ethel May, Gentleman Wreck, Glenisla Wreck, Gramsbergen Wreck, Green Scar, Helene, Hen and Chicks, Highland Holmn, HMS Barking, HMS Marojam, HMS Shamrock, Hurst, Jonas Lie, Kingston, Landing craft, Langton Grange, Leysian, Linney Head, Lonsdale, Luminence Wreck, Matrona, MGB, Mona, Musselwick Bay, Mystic Tie, Needle Rocks, Nimrod, Nudibranch City, Prince Cadwgan Wreck , Prince Irene, Ragna, Salus Wreck, Santa Cruz, Shark Reef Solva, Shrimp Alley, South Bishops, South Haven Caves, South Haven Pinnacles, Spitfire Linney Head, St Brides Bay, St Jaques, Stack Rocks, Sub E-39, Szent Istvan Wreck, Tennet, Thorn Island & The Haven, Tugs, Wema, Wreck 22, Seagull Island Drift, Trwyn Cilan Headland


Aberdeen, Baku Standard, Chrissie Craig, Crawton Reef, Dillon's Cave, Dundonnie Reef, Fram Bow, Muriel Wreck, San Tiburcio Wreck, Valentine Tank, Akka, Fort William, Belle Isle, Bishops Bay, Calypso, Magnificent, Nunky, Snoopy, Kenmore Point, Loch Eil Drift, Powmill Quarry, SS Kintyre, St Abbs Head, Alfred Earlsden, Barnyard, Big Green Carr, Black Carrs, Cathedral Rock, East Black Carrs, Floatcarr Reef, Anemone Gully, Glanmire Wreck, Horn, Pettico Wick, Weasel Loch, West Hurker, Wuddy, Ullapool, Black Rock, Bottle Island, Conger Stack, Conservation Cave, Cathedral Cave, Cuckoo Point, Martin Island, MFV Boston Stirling, MFV Fairweather V, MV Jambo, Steam Puffer Innisjura

Channel Islands

Alderney, Guernsey, Herm, Jersey, Sark

Isle of Scilly

Antonius, Cita, Gilstone Reef, HMS Eagle, HMS Firebrand, Italia, Minnehaha, Plympton & Hathor, Tortoise Rock, Trenemene Reef

Isle of Man

Borru Cliff, Calf Sound Drift, Crab Row, Fenella Beach, Glendun Wreck, Iron Pier & Dolphin, Outer Brakewater, Peel Castle, Sugerloaf Caves


North Uist, Butt of Lewis, Minch Channel, SS Burnside, SS Politician, SS Stassa, Oban, Breda, Calve Island, Cuan Sound, Dunchonnuil Sound, Eagle's Wall, Heather Island, Hispania, Lochaline Pier, Rondo, Shuna, Shuna's Hull, Slippers, Thesis, Torran Rocks, Skye, An Dubh Sqeir, Conger Crevasse, Flossnan, HMS Port Napier, Idriqill Point, In Soay Sound, Lochbay Pinnacles, MacLeod's Maidens, Meanish Pier, Meanish Reef, Rubha Nan Clach, SS Chadwick, SS Chadwick Wreck, SS Doris Wreck, SS Urlana Wreck, Wiay Island

Orkney Islands

Bottle Run, Doyle, Gobernador Bories, F2 & YC21 Barge, Markgraf, MFV James Barrie, SMS Brummer, SMS Coln, SMS Dresden, SMS Karlsruhe, SMS Konig, SMS Kronprinz Wilhelm, Steam Trawler Radiation, UB 116


St Abbs