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Loch Shiel or Whiskey Wreck is known for its tale of 100's of bottles of whiskey that have been missing up to today.

Name Dive Site:Loch Shiel Wreck, Whiskey Wreck
Depth: 32-49ft (10-15m)
Inserted/Added by: divepembrokeshire

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GPS:N51°41'47", W5°7'7"

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The Loch Shiel Wreck was carrying gunpowder and sank in 1894 off Thorn Island. She was a sailing ship of 1218 tons, 205ft long and 36ft wide, sitting in 10-15m of water. As a distress signal, its crew lit a mattress at the moment of sinking. Known as the whiskey wreck, she had 60 cases, all 100 percent proof, most picked up by locals and hidden in cliffs and buried. Some remained concealed for years, and as far back as only 1950, 2 bottles were found in a roof of a nearby house in Angle. The only death from the wreck was a local who had found some of the whiskey and drunk himself to death!

There are still tiny bits of pottery and glass from the whiskey bottles picked up nearer the island. You can dive under the Loch Shiel wreck on the side nearest Thorn Island. The main part of the wreck lies in 10m and lies East/West. In 1999 a group of divers discovered some 6 bottles of beer, which they dug out from the side of the wreck. The beer was over 100 years old.

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