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Mark Milburn
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While diving at dive site Mews Stone you can find lobsters, ross corals and red and yellow dead mans fingers.

Name Dive Site:Mews Stone
Depth: 32-98ft (10-30m)
Inserted/Added by: westwalesdivers

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Lying on the southern side of Skomer Island, and sheltered from the N, E, and NE winds, Mews Stone can be a very swift drift dive! There is plenty to explore and do on this dive site that bottoms out at 50m if you swim out to the West. Gullies, swimthroughs and loads of marine life but make sure you look to dive on slack. If the current is running, don't dive it! You're only going to get banged around. Once you arrive there, have a look to see what the current is doing and depending on the state of the tide, drop in on the southern side and try and follow a course that will bring you East of the Stone, into the south haven side of Skomer.

Depths vary but it generally goes down to 30m with some great drop offs, from 10m straight to 30m. Quite a spectacular dive site, with vertical walls that boasts plenty of life including a lot of Ross Coral. Currents can be fast, so it's advised to keep in close to the wall. Don't wonder off! Red Dead Mans fingers are often seen here together with some very large Lobsters.

TIPS: Be careful of currents, and during spring tides you'd be better looking elsewhere! Essential to dynamic risk assess on arrival and have a look at the site to see where to drop the divers in based on the strength and flow of the tide. If the wind is SW to W, be careful as it blows into this site. Anything above a force three, knock this one on the head. Another dive to pick your own depth profile and stick to it. Always carry a delayed SMB with you as when your doing your safety stops you could end up anywhere. An intermediate to advanced diver site most of the time.

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