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The Iotonia is one of the dive wrecks from World War I with blennies, cuttle ish and conger eels.

Name Dive Site:Iotonia Wreck
Depth: 16-26ft (5-8m)
Inserted/Added by: divepembrokeshire

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The Iotonia Wreck, Mewspoint, makes with depths of only 8m a very pretty dive. The boiler is open and could be dived through. Care must be taken as it is also home to a Conger Eel. The cooling rods are home to a family of Blennies. Their heads popping out of the rode just above the opening to the boiler. A very unusual sight indeed. Cuttle fish are also found, one changed colour as it looked at me before turning and disappearing into the distance, something out of Star Trek! Lots of interesting Sea slugs can be found.

The wreck was sunk by a WWI sub after leaving Milford Haven on October 20th 1917. All 160 men got safely away in life boats, but as they attempted to land one of the boats overturned and its 22 occupants went into the sea. Six drowned and the rest clung to the rocks. The six men which died are buried at Castlemartin Churchyard. An old bottle was found with the markings Birkenhead "In full swing", which was from the wreck. A brass capstan is embedded in the sand. Unexploded shells have also been found from WWI and are best left alone! The area is in the Castlemartin firing range, so first call the coastguard to check whether the area is not active.

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