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The United Kingdom is with its rich history known for its many shipwrecks and surprisingly rich sea life.

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Dive site the Borgny provides for some excellent scuba diving on a wreck of about 70 meter long.
- Fleur de Lys
- Aeolian Sky
The cold waters in Scotland offers great marine life, stunning cliffs and plenty of WWII wrecks.
- S.S. Mohegan
- United Kingdom
Port Gaverne :
Port Gaverne is a shallow spot with an interesting gully that is reached after a long surface swim.
- Castle Beach U-Boat
- Epsilon
Charles Holmes:
The old wreck Charles Holmes sank after hitting a submerged rock and supposedly still has a chest of gold waiting on the ocean floor.
- Drina Wreck
- Molesey Wreck
Isle of Scilly:
Awesome UK diving ....
S.S. Mohegan:
The Mohegan was a 6889 ton steamship that was on voyage to New York from London. It's heading past Cornwall was just a c...
Lucy Wreck:
There are nearly 40 wrecks within easy reach of the launch sites here. My favorite wreck, and that of many other visitin...
Dead Eye Wreck:
The broken up wreck called Dead Eye Wreck lies on the southern side of Skomer Island, the opposite side to 'The Lucy'. H...

Scuba diving in the United Kingdom is not only in murky waters and in visibilities of less than 5 meter. It is astonishing how diverse its underwater landscape is. Ice cold water near the Shetland Islands and Orkney Islands, almost tropical waters near Cornwall, Somerset and Dorset, and as an island surrounded by the Irish Sea, North Sea and Atlantic Ocean with plenty of currents and streams to keep it healthy and nutrient. You can see dogfish, wrasses, crayfish and nudibranch, seals, sharks and dolphins, and polyps, anemones and hard corals.

The Hebrides such as Oban and Skye in the west of Scotland offer secluded and remote diving in one of the UK's most beautiful surroundings (pretty Sounds with green hills). More to the south is Wales with the two popular dive regions Anglesey and Pembrokeshire but also the Isle of Man with its seals and basking sharks. Cornwall is one of the most popular scuba destinations with miles and miles of unspoilt beaches, calm bays, treacherous rocks and its accompanying shipwrecks. Its many inland lakes and streams provide for excellent fresh water diving. Plenty of dive clubs have placed extra artificially scuttled objects to improve its underwater ecology and aquatic life. Popular islands in Great Britain are the Isles of Scilly which are world renowned for its huge amounts of grey seals and bird colonies. The Channel Islands such as Alderney and Guernsey are actually closer to Normandy, France than to the UK, but offering warmer dive conditions with different marine life.

The United Kingdom is not the first country you think of when deciding on a scuba diving destination. Combined with its natural beauty, its many historic sites, its rich history and fine architecture, it can be one of your best holidays so far.