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Mark Milburn
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The Stone Delivery Tunnel is a great and dark swimthrough suitable for those with advanced overhead environment training.

Name Dive Site:Stone Delivery Tunnel
Depth: 45-72ft (14-22m)
Inserted/Added by: vobster

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For the more experienced visitor to Vobster Quay, there is a Stone Delivery Tunnel, an 18m long very dark tunnel cut through the lime stone back in the days when the quarry was still operational. Despite being reinforced with a concrete liner along its entire length and wide enough for three divers to travel through side by side, the tunnel should only be attempted by those divers with overhead environment training - even then, only enter if you like your overhead environments dark and spooky!

The entrance to the Stone Delivery tunnel can be found at the end of the track that leads from the quayside slipway. Lying at a depth of 14m, you'll find a thick white cable tied off at the entrance to the tunnel. Running along the roof for the entire length of the tunnel, this cable provides a useful guide line for even the most experienced overhead environment diver. As you progress through the tunnel, the depth will steadily increase until you reach the exit at 22m.

At the tunnel exit, you'll find yourself very close to the Crushing Works. To locate the Crushing Works from the tunnel exit, follow the wall on your right hand shoulder for approximately 5m.

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